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Lisa Bercher

With over 28 years working in leadership roles and managing multi-billion-dollar programs, Lisa Bercher helps companies improve corporate strategic planning initiatives, and optimize workplace cultures. She has spent years managing hundreds of employees and contractors at regional, national, and international levels. Her extensive experience in senior federal government positions has taught her how to motivate employees and how to navigate complex processes. She has led multi-billion dollar programs, managed organizational culture, and engaged in the best practices of strategic planning to achieve core organizational objectives.


She works with enterprise-level companies and nonprofit organizations seeking guidance with strategic planning, change management, and team motivation. She advises companies seeking in-depth expertise related to culture management, aligning the organization’s mission with its culture, and strategic program management.


She is also a professional speaker who has presented on the subjects of team motivation, optimal change management strategies, cultivating values/mission-driven company culture that engages employees and managers alike, and strategic corporate planning optimization. Additionally, as a woman with experience in the field of aviation, she strives to motivate young women, particularly in the fields of STEM and aviation.

Education, Certifications, & Leadership Roles


Lisa Bercher earned her Master’s Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Airport/Aviation Administration, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Norfolk State University in Computer Science. She also completed Project Management Certification (PMP) through the Project Management Institute, Washington, DC Chapter. In addition, Lisa Bercher serves as the Washington Chapter Vice President of Women in Aviation International (WAI) and as a Board of Directors Member with the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association.  She is a past President of the FAA Managers Association, Washington, DC Chapter, which won the Chapter of the Year award under her leadership.

Memberships & Associations

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